Our Mission

Our mission is to begin cultivating the Remembrance of our Catholic educational culture; the Renewal of that culture in our homes, parishes, and schools; and a Relationship among interested families, faculty, and priests.

We aim to call parents to the belief that Catholic education could be more faithful, more beautiful, more fully alive. Not just an academic exercise, but a living tradition that bears fruit throughout a lifetime and across generations.


  • In our homes:

    o   Parents pursuing personal holiness through our specific vocation to marriage and family life, opening the hearts of our children to God (Deuteronomy 6:4-7).

    o   Parents embracing our role as the primary educators of our children, recognizing that “the goal of all Catholic education is salvation in Jesus Christ.” (Pope St. John Paul II, Address to Catholic Educators).

    o   Parents equipping themselves to recover and share Christianity’s “priceless educational treasures” with our children (Pope Pius XI, Divini Illius Magistri (DIM), 101).

    o   Parents teaching our children how to interact with the world through a distinctly Catholic anthropology and worldview.

    o   Families inspired to cultivate truth, beauty and goodness in the home by fostering a love for beautiful works of art, music, poetry and literature.

    o   Parents working to build up the home as the “domestic church,” the family's first encounter with Christ and his Church, through family prayer and living the Church’s liturgical seasons at home.

    o   Parents cultivating a love and understanding of Holy Scripture, with its grand narrative of salvation history, as the dominant story fueling our imaginations and family culture.

    o   Parents leading our families in the treatment of technology as a tool with proper and specific applications in our lives, rather than a source of distraction, isolation or escapism.

    In our schools:

    o   Families partnering with schools to lead our children to a life of Christian discipleship.

    o   Parents supporting teachers and administrators in their efforts to foster truth, beauty and goodness in the classroom and to infuse every subject with Christian piety (DIM 80).

    o   Parents recognizing that “perfect schools are the result not so much of good methods as of good teachers” who love Christ, His children, and teaching their subject matter with passion and excellence (DIM 88).

    o   Parents leading our children to a passion for learning.

    o   Parents supporting teachers in arming our children to be active protagonists in forming our culture, not retreating from the world but engaging our society as confident, well-formed Catholics.

    o   Parents and teachers working together to recover our Catholic tradition of teaching our children the great works of Christian civilization.

    o   An emphasis on the ways in which mathematics and science teach us truths about the nature and beauty of God, along with a proper role for technological aides in the classroom in order to foster an atmosphere of concentration and creativity.

    o   A renewed appreciation for the necessity of quiet concentration, deep work and grit as core virtues in an educational atmosphere.

  • In our community:

    o   An increased appreciation for the power of authentic Christian education to renew our culture.

    o   Strengthening and broadening bonds of friendship between families.

    o   Creating a space for conversation about educational philosophies, ends, practices and curricula among parents, teachers and administrators.



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