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“Our aim is to call parents to a Catholic education that is more faithful, more beautiful, more fully alive. Not just an academic exercise, but a living tradition that bears fruit throughout a lifetime and across generations.”


Alvaro de Vicente

Join us on March 9th for an evening with Alvaro de Vicente, Headmaster of The Heights School in Potomac, Maryland since July 2002. Alvaro graduated cum laude from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Philosophy and received his J.D. from Georgetown University School of Law in 1991. The Heights offers a traditional liberal arts education that focuses on the development of intellectual virtues, helping to foster the practice of concentrated study and a sincere interest in the abundant goodness of the world. Its curriculum is strongly grounded in the classic texts of western civilization. The faculty encourage the boys to be true Christian gentleman, striving to do the ordinary things of life extraordinarily well for the love of God and in the service of others. All student programs take place in the context of a personal approach to education where cheerfulness goes hand-in-hand with hard work and a striving to conquer oneself.


Why this series?

“We really love the idea of a series that addresses some of the specific issues we’re dealing with in our family. We need solid, creative, time-tested solutions to the problems we have right now — explained in the context of the Church’s big-picture philosophies on education and engaging our culture.”
— Katherine and Chris

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Dale Ahlquist

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On February 8th we had an evening with Dale Ahlquist, the president of the GK Chesterton Society, and co-founder of the Chesterton Schools network, which is a high school model that focuses on raising up a new generation of joyful leaders and saints. He is one of the foremost experts on GK Chesterton, the world renowned English convert to the Catholic Church who inspired the conversion of CS Lewis to Christianity, a writer, poet, philosopher, and the creator of the famous Fr. Brown detective series. Dale is the host of a popular EWTN Series called "Prince of Paradox", and is an internationally renowned speaker who has given more than 600 lectures at various events and prestigious at institutions including Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Notre Dame, Oxford, the Vatican Forum in Rome, and the House of Lords in London. He and his wife Laura live in Minneapolis and have six children.



Dr. Andrew Seeley

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On Saturday, November 17th we had an evening with Dr. Andrew Seeley, Director of Advanced Formation at the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education (ICLE). Dr. Seeley leads conferences, workshops and consultations for K-12 Catholic schools around the country, dedicated to recovering and renewing the Catholic educational tradition. A passionate teacher and learner, Dr. Seeley is a Tutor at Thomas Aquinas College in California, and a member of the Scholar Advisory Board at Wyoming Catholic College and National Policy Advisory Board for the Catholic High School Honor Roll. The Catholic Church has thousands of years of experience in educating in the light of the Gospel and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Seeley spoke on the wisdom the Church has gathered to help parents direct the education of their children.



Rich Moss

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On October 19th we had an evening with Rich Moss, Director of Admissions at The Heights School in Potomac, Maryland. A graduate of The Heights, and the University of Notre Dame for undergraduate and law degrees, Rich left a career at a major Washington, D.C. law firm for his dream job: teaching at The Heights. Rich also teaches AP US Government and hosts the popular Heights Forum Podcast. Rich offered practical advice for raising contemplatives in a digital age, the role of technology in our homes, and how to use it in ways that bring your family together.


Christopher Check

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On September 14th we had an evening with the President of Catholic Answers. Chris spoke about the importance of storytelling, literature, art, music and poetry in the home. Chris also provided some practical "nuts and bolts" about how to be primary educators in home, public, or Catholic schools. LEARN MORE ABOUT CHRIS | LISTEN TO THE TALK

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“The goal is to begin cultivating the Remembrance of our Catholic educational culture; the Renewal of that culture in our homes, parishes, and schools; and a Relationship among interested families, faculty, and priests.”